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00 Beetle AC not cold

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Hey guys I just bought my girlfriend a 00 beetle. Its a 2.0 gas, 5 speed car. The problem is that the compressor is working, both fans come on, and the low side was way over pressure at 75 psi static and 65 running. Vacuumed and refilled to proper pressure and still not cold. I didn't check the high side since my h.p. manifold gauge hose has a leak (don't wanna vent any of that stuff into the atmosphere), but since the compressor is working, and the system is holding pressure, would logic dictate the expansion valve? That's immediately where my mind goes but I don't know if there is something else in between. Thank you for your help.
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This system is very simple mechanically and it doesn't sound like an electrical issue at first glance. I would point at the expansion valve but I'm not sure. There is not much to that valve. If you have an over pressure condition it would seem the compressor is doing its job. If you go to VW and ask them for an Etka view of the system they will give it to you. However it will only show you the engine side of things, ask them also for the Evaporator components, that will get you the rest of the physical system drawings.
Thanks so much guys. I just wanted some positive reinforcement because I've never fooled with VW ac other than spraying freon into my own Jetta haha.
lol haven't we all done it at one point or another?
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