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OK here are the issues... 1.8t won't start... first off I was going down the road when my transmission decided to implode... just had a new clutch kit installed and due to error it became a huge issue... I.e somewelding in the flywheel and severely damaged clutch plates... pretty much worst case scenario... so I pulled over and got it towed to the mechanics who opted to put in a vr6 clutch kit for relueability issues... apparently the trans is fixed now but they have spent two weeks trying to figure out the no start issue... so now two grand later we still can't figure it out... they did say it also damaged the timing belt pulley catastrophically... so they tried today to do a leak down which came back fine also they tried to make sure it was getting fuel and spark which they say it is... I did have a ARP tune done they though maybe it was that but they sent it out to Apr and it tested fine... they also tryed replacing the crankshaft position sensor to no avail.... I really don't want to give up on the beast as I have already dropped 5 grand into it but I can't seem to find out the issue... at this point here are the mods...
Apr tune aph motor
B&m short shifter
True afe cold air intake
Stage 2 clutch kit
American racing rims
Low pro tires
Eibach sway bar roll kit
H&r full coilovers
Borla turbo back exhaust
Projector headlight housing
Led taillight housing
Aluminum under drive pulley kit...

It seems like ur wants to start it will sputter for one or two seconds then it seems like its cut off... idk just don't want to give up on my baby but I can no longer dump money hand over fist on it

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Have they scanned it for codes? Post up any and all codes and let's see if members here can offer any sugggestions on getting your car back on the road.

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1) They say that the pulley was damaged "catastrophically". What do they mean by that? Was your timing belt also damaged? Did the damage occur while the car was running? I'd be worried about head damage if that is the case.

2) Are there any lights on the dash when you try to start the car? Sounds almost like the immobilizer is kicking in.
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