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Hey NB owners.
I have my 01 since Sept 01.
Since then I have installed two cats.
One under warranty.
The other I may get Volkswagen to reimburse me.

I wish I knew the Mass Airflow senser was warranty extended for seven yesrs.
My check engine light has been on for like four months.
I just went to the dealer3 County VW Lyndhurst,NJ USA. & found out I was One month out of warranty.
I also needed to get the driver side window regulator fixed.

Again One month out of the extended warranty program.
I had them fix the window with their window kit. for $365.00

Anyway here's my question.

Has anybody had any luck with cleaning the Mass Air Flow senser? How hard is it for a novice to get out?
If it's not too bad I could buy a Bosch one online for $75.00 US.
My dealer wanted $400.00 Dollars to change it. LOL.

Thanks for any replies.


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Cleaning MAF is easy task. I do it every 3 - 4 months and I still have original 8 years old MAF. I use Micro X contact cleaner and I am happy with results. Whatever kind of cleaner you use, make sure its for electronics parts and that it has no grease in it.


Disclaimer. Do this on your own risk. This is just my experience and my way of doing things which may vary in results on your application.
Disconnect the electrical connection to the MAF. Remove the Air tube that goes from air box to MAF and spray contact cleaner directly on sensor inside MAF housing ( in the middle of it, through the mash ). It will evaporate in only few seconds.
Put the air tube back on to MAF and connect electrical connector. Start the engine :)

Good luck!

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changing it is really easy, too. certainly not worth 400$ at the dealer. i think it took about 20 minutes, and most of that was fighting with the darn spring clamp because i didn't have the right gizmos to take it off easier.

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