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01 tdi auto transmission service question

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About 6 months ago we picked up an 01 tdi beetle... It had 160k on it and had records of a timing belt/ water pump change...Shortly thereafter I started noticing it short shifting after approximately a 20 mile highway trip.. I would exit the highway, it would do a weird shift, and then it was fine.. It's almost like after I it gets to a certain temp, it brain farts then it's fine until the same kind of sequence..Driving all over town it does fine... My question, is, I don't know if the transmission has ever been serviced. Do have it serviced?? I have been told to expect bad things if has never been serviced..I hate to not have it serviced,but I don't want to cause a bigger problem..Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks in advance...
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I am assuming; based upon the year you have a 01M auto transaxle; these are problematic and known for worn valve body issues. Kansas City TDI offers a rebuild service and has tech information, about the issues that plague these particular transmissions. You might contact him; see what he has to say about your situation. There are many places; that rebuild these valve bodies now but check out the info below, to get a sense of the common issues and how to diagnose the problems.

01M or 01P Valve Body Repair $390 Labor + solenoids | Kansas City TDI

O1M FAQ | Kansas City TDI

As far as fluid changes are concerned; I certainly, would change the fluid. For the correct fluid and a full transmission service kit, try Audi Parts - Vw Parts - Audi Parts Vw Parts Kit Company - Blauparts® They will have everything you need; including the pump needed, to put in the transmission fluid. A fluid change cannot fix; something that is already worn out or damaged but for some, it has made some shifting issues goes away. A service and fluid change; would be a inexpensive first step in evaluating the condition and the problems that your transaxle is having.

Diy fluid change info:

VW Automatic Transmission Fluid - How To Change VW Transmission Fluid

trans fluid kit:

Vw Beetle Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kit - Vw ATF - 4 Speed
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Thanks a lot. I will definitely look into it.. It's a great car, and really want to keep it going as long as possible. I appreciate your advice...
Yep, most likely worn valve body. ALL these NB regardless of the transmission start to have problems usually around 70k miles. The warmer the fluid, the more harsh and strange the shifting is.
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