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'01 Turbo original spark plugs vs ???

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Anyone know of any issues using the Autolight APP3923 Double Platinum (what most lists call for) in a '01 Turbo vs the original Bosch. I've been told the original was Bosch. I was having some other work done and an independent shop told me I had the wrong plug in the car (the Autolight). Thanks.
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I just had my mechanic pull a set of autolite platinum plugs out of my beetle.he replaced them with Bosch platinum spark plugs and it was a huge difference for me. Car runs smoother and has a little more power with the better plugs. The autolite were fairly new too.
I suggest you to try NGK brand plugs. Iridium version 8 will be perfect. I'm changing them in every 4K miles. I'm using Methanol and Ethanol that's why. Otherwise you can use them for 8K miles.
I use Bosch in my VWs. I use Delco in my GM V8s. I would never use Bosch in a GM, and would never use Delco in a VW.
NGK plugs are definitely a must. BKR6ES are good for stock to mildly modded applications. The 8ES is better suited for higher boost applications.
I use NGK BKR7E plugs gap @ 0.28 it's a copper core plug and I change them every 10k miles so every other oil change. They only cost $7.00 for a set of 4. Why because you are not suppose to gap platinum plugs and my 04 Turbo S likes a cooler spark.

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