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I have spent 4 months (intermittently) rebuilding my daughter-in-laws VW 01M Auto transmission. Here is the link to my progress on NewBeetle 1.8T Beetle 01m Auto transmission .
4 months of work and space taken up on my hoist. After all that, and a couple of long days installing it back in her beetle the 01M has No forward drive! AHHHHHH! Reverse works fine. ATF pressure from port shows what I think is close to correct pressures,
P=46psi cold, similar warm. Shifting to R flashed to 150/160 then settled at 65psi. N= 65psi D=53ps1, up to 120 at 3000rmp, #= 53psi, 2= 53psi, 2=53psi There is a slight tic of the pressure needle when shifted from 2-1 but nothing at all into Drive, 3 or 2.
Couple of months ago I bought a ross-tech VCDS 3 Vin, and updated a couple of days ago, (with some foul language for a while) .I did a scan and it showed no trans codes, perhaps it just needs more running to throw a code?
I had no idea how much to screw in the Valve body springs on any that were adjustable, (what everyone seems to call the "Kerma mod"adjustment) so that's why I tested the ATF line pressure.
Anyone have any recommendations on what to look at or try with the VCDS? ( ATF filled correctly @~40C using vcds).
I went into "Basic settings" ; "Group" 001; "Selector lever Position" was P, "Throttle Valve Voltage" was 0.00V "Accelerator Pedal Value" was 0.0% and "Multi-function Switch" was 00000111.
People talk of a "reset" using key on, gas pedal to the floor for 10 seconds... Should this be done?
Thanks,, Pete
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