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03 beetle 2.0 won't start

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So I just drove my car around the block. I was going to leave and realized I forgot my phone at the house. Came back and when I went to leave again the car wouldn't start. I don't have access to a diagnostic tool at the moment but I snapped this quick video...

Vw beetle won't start: https://youtu.be/Gt24RjZ6HdU

Any ideas?

Once I can get a reader j will post codes but wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this. It's like it's trying to start but there's no engine movement.
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Your video is set to "private"; you need to change, the permissions for us to view it. Post those codes and fix the video, we will go from there... :)
Try this one...

Car won't start: http://youtu.be/5IUqICWesmg

The guy at the auto shop saw the video and says it sounds like a starter... but I thought starters going out made a clicking noise?

Still waiting to get a code reader to run it. Hopefully by tomorrow but does that sound like it could indeed be the starter?
Hmmm, it DOES sound; like the starter is spinning but like the bendix, is NOT coming out and engaging the flywheel. You might pull the starter and take it to a store, have it tested. If it tests ok; I would look at the flywheel teeth, to make sure they are ok, not broken.

Here is the section in the service manual for removing the starter:

Thanks! I'll pull the starter tomorrow morning and have it tested!
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