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2003 Volkswagen New Beetle
2.0L 4-Cyl. 6-speed Automatic
98,xxx miles

Bought not too long ago by a family member. Family member says the dealer changed the transmission fluid/filter. Sister drove car. Ran fine for a a year or two. Then the problems listed below started happening.

problems I am experiencing:

when cold, upshifts from 1 to 2 a little bit hard.

as it warms up, starts upshifting and downshifting very hard and also jerks causing the tires to squeak against the asphalt.

also experienced it getting stuck in gear (3rd I think) only to escape the gear when driving downhill.

what I'm thinking:

could be bad solenoid, torque converter, or bad sensor

could be the dreaded valve body



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It is the dreaded valve body.

Not a hard job to do, probably will cost about $700 DIY with fluid unless you save the current fluid which you could.

I worked with Johnny at Pacific Coast Transmissions to reworked my own valve body, they turn around in 1-2 days, as I recall they also offered a 2 year warranty.

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DO NOT TAKE THE CAR TO AAMCO. They tell you they will inspect the car for say $75 and then credit the inspection fee to the cost of the repair. Then they take the car apart, give you the bad news and leave you hanging. $4000 later you get your car back.

Most of these transmission are fine with the exception of the valve body that the spool valves and valve bores wear out. Stupid aluminum valve body and hard spool valves. Dumbest design, what did the silly fools think. Changing the fluid will help valve bodies last longer.

Very hard to find a shop replace just the valve body, they all want to do a full overhaul and claim no warranty unless they perform a full overhaul.

Most of the time only the valve body rework is required.
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