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04 1.8t OBD code P0841 and dash indicator

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Noobie here!

I just picked up an 04 GLS Convertible with a 1.8t Engine. A day after I got the car the MIL light came on and I have a OBD reader. When I read the fault code it showed P0841 Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch A Circuit Range/Performance.

I have only seen two posts on this forum for it but what is interesting with mine is when the MIL comes on the gear indicator in the dash shows brackets ([P][R][N][D]) around all gears if I clear the MIL then the gear indicator in the dash works properly. When I clear the code it seems to come back at around 30 miles.

I do not seem to have any other symptoms the tranny is not slipping in any gears or anything.

I am looking to see if someone might have an idea where to start checking for this. It almost seems like everything is fine but maybe a wire or maybe the TCM???

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I have a similar issue - sort of. No MIL, but after driving for about 30 minutes I get the brackets around the gear indicators. No issues, no symptoms. After a restart the brackets go away. Anyone have any ideas what might be the issue?
Having the same issue with my 04 NBC... It doesn't seem to affect the performance of the vehicle at all, it's just kind of annoying... Has anyone figured this out?
When the trans shift indicator has brackets around each gear position, this means there is some sort of fault with the transmission. Not all OBDII tool can read and display transmission related codes, but also some folks do not bother to connect and OBDII tool to attempt to view transmission codes.

One issue that comes up from time to time the magnets for the shifter come loose, shift and/or fall off.

What happens if you put the shifter into the Tiptronic mode, assume the car has a Tiptronic transmission??

Could be a questionable solenoid on the valve body or even loose wiring or bad connections at the valve body. The wiring/connectors to the valve body are VERY small and very light weight.
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