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04 NBC Top issues, please help.

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I am having a problem with what seems to be a travel/limit sensor for the convertible top. When the top is put up and down it does not seem to recognize it being at it's full end position. I say this because when it does reach those positions the top motor will still continue to run and the side flaps will not close. I am essentially looking for assistance in locating these sensors. The switch/sensor located in the top of the windshield is working correctly, so I don't believe that to be a concern. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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So I think I have isolated the problem however I am looking for some insight as to the easiest way to remove the upper rear "door" panels. Not the upholstered portion of the panel but the upper plastic portion which will give me easier access to the roof pocket.
The flaps were a major PITA for the 03 & 04 owners. Vw knew it too and removed them from the 05-present convertibles.

I'm not sure if its possible, but what about removing the flaps to get the look of the newer cars without the hassle of the troublesome flaps?

Flapless 2005 models... Looks identical on 06+ models too.
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There is a the top position switch located on the right side hydraulic ram. If you have VCDS you and read the switch conditions of the top for a quick and easy diagnosis of the problem.

You will have to remove the right rear interior trim panel to replace the top position switch.
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