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07 Triple White in SATX - 17K miles - $12K

*Edit* - Price dropped to $12K

Hi all,

I'm selling a car for my in-laws. I used to own an 06 NB TDI, and now they're selling their 07 Triple White NB 2.5L. They want it listed at close to what they bought it for ($17.5K), but I'm seeing the KBB value is around $8K. Given that this is a very low mileage limited edition, can anyone here provide feedback on what you think the high end of the price spectrum should be?

I recently sold my 02 Golf GLS TDI for twice the KBB value, at 193K miles, so I know VW's hold special value for potential buyers - especially limited editions like this. Any feedback is welcome. I waxed, detailed, and treated all the leather (Meguiar's for everything) and posted photos / info here:


Also, if anyone is interested in buying, please let me know. The car is currently located in San Antonio, TX.


1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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