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I just converted my daughter's 2003 NBC from automatic to manual and I have the 09G sitting in the garage taking up space.

This vehicle has been in my family since new and the transmission has only 55K miles on it - HOWEVER - I'd recommend installing a rebuilt valve body. The transmission was fully operational and driving when I pulled it but it was beginning to show some of the usual signs of the valve body going out (hard shifts). I always wanted a manual anyway so I used this opportunity to just swap a manual in it's place.

Transmission includes torque converter, flex plate and any of the hardware I did not use when swapping in the manual.

I'm located in southwest Houston so local is great but if you want to pay shipping I'm happy to put it on a palette and drop it (at your cost). If you want photos text me at the number below and I'll reply with photos.

I'm not on this site often so the best way to get a reply is to text me at:
(2 eight one) 84 four - three six eight 6
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