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1.6l Beetle - No start if Key is fully turned to START

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Hi , discovered following issue with my beetle.
a) Turn the key - the starter turns - engine turns too BUT won't start :)
b) If key is hold in starting position- it will go on forever & not start
c) If key is quickly released - just take fingers off after starter starts turning ==> magic!! The engine starts & all is fine!
This is same for every single start and can be reproduced if required.
Update right now:
When Key is NOT FULLY TURNED to physical end stop of start position ( right turn towards the instrument ) - the car will just start fine every time ?
Can the cause be the Start Switch at the left side of the Steering wheel ( at the end of the Start Key mechanics )?
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Basics: year, model, engine (1.
6L) and trans type of the new beetle and how many miles on it?

Have you scanned for trouble codes? It could be something S simple as a worn out ignition switch or a weak fuel pump?

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Car data: Model 2003, 1.6l engine, manual gearbox. No Codes / Faults in VCDS and works fine.
Tested a few more times yesterday and it looks clear to me now. Issue is in key Lock unit ...
1) Key Lock itself - I doubt, as it only physically opens the lock & Immo sensor is only checking the key itself ... isn't it?
2) Start Switch itself - I also doubt. as it starts perfect in my opinion ... the switch - connection slot - inside & outside locks optically good to me :(
3) The ignition lock mechanics between the key and the switch, if this one allows to turn the switch to be "overturned" far?
I'll buy a used ignition unit ( key, immo-sensor, switch and mechanical center unit today ( 25,- euro on ebay ), will test with either units & update after.
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Ok, i had my key lock/tumbler and switch wear out; the key would get jammed. I replaced both the key lock and switch; jamming went away and the new switch made turning the ignition easier and snap back was stronger.

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Txs - I'll update once next result is achieved :)
Ok, let us know! :)
VW / Porsche / Audi has a lllloooonnnnggggg history of failed ignition switches. Not the key portion but the electrical portion that the key turns.
VAG for some reason LOVED passing high draw electronic through the switch itself thus burning/overheating the contacts inside the plastic housing.
grab a new ignition switch...... if history is any teacher, the car will start.

Txs - just waiting for the switch to arrive :) - will post outcome immediate after repacement :) Klaus
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