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1.8 will not crank, no power windows or sunroof

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Hey guys, I'm new to vw. Here's the story. This car I bought from a friend, he tried replacing the battery and now it has no crank, power windows, sunroof or locks. It does start and drive fine if you push start it. I've tried replacing the computer behind the steering column that controls the locks I believe, I forget what it's called. But no joy. I can put a jumper wire between the crank position on the ign sw and the solenoid and that works. Is there some kind of anti theft that could be locking me out? I see some people have had immobilizer issues but I'm not sure what that involves. I have had experience with gm pass key 2 and 1 and to my understanding it's just a resistance signal that goes to the computer once the key is turned. Any help would be very welcome because I am running out of ideas! :confused:
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Ok I guess the immobilizer is actually quite involved.......after reading other posts I now realize that. Also, the box I replaced was the comfort control module. From what I've read so far, the immobilizer most likely wouldn't prevent the car from cranking. Since it also will run after a push start, I'm thinking the immobilizer most likely isn't the issue...
I just checked the fuses, on top of the battery were good. Then I thought to check the fuses in the door panel and found fuse #14 in the door fuse panel blown. Replaced it and viola! It now cranks, starts and the lights, windows and sunroof all work!
yeah, 1st beetle repair complete. Good job:D
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