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A quick check; would be to pull off the turbo inlet pipe and check the turbo impeller for play/wear.

For a replacement turbo; rebuild or new seems to be normal options. The Borg Warner K03 is very common turbocharger and getting it rebuilt; would be no problem, many turbocharger specialists do these all the time. They typically tear them down and let you know; if it is rebuildable and worst case scenario, they replace the "center section" and reuse the turbo body parts and you essentially have a new turbo at that point, while reusing the left over castings.

For oem Borg Warner options; they sell their own remanufactured turbos or brand new ones. You might go under your car and get the part number; off your particular turbo and start researching what your options are and what BW has to offer.

Let us know; what direction you want to go: oem new, aftermarket new, aftermarket rebuilt or oem rebuilt/remanufactured.

Typical turbo shops seem to charge somewhere around $300; plus parts for a rebuild and Borg Warner rebuilt/new are in the $700-$1000 range.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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