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as a long term build plan i was looking into having making a 1.8t into a 2.0t and im not really sure what all that entails

ive seen larger pistons and having to boar out the block to fit them
i saw shorter rods that fake a bigger volume (if i understand what i read)

heres what ive been looking at

someone that does this or knows about this what i want to know

other than machining out the block to fit the pistons is everything else in a mod like this swapping in forged parts and bolting stuff together ?

this seem like it would be easier that doing the vr6 swap

if memory serves the 1.8t is 9:1 compression so i would assume after the boar you would want the same compression(at the now larger displacement) if your running boost ? or would you lower it a notch and crank up the boost with a bigger turbo ?

if sure ill think of more questions i just wanted clarification and didn't find much with search

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if it is just a bore out and all remains stock, then everything basically goes back together normally, if it were me, I would think about the following ...

1) Cylinder head to block match up
2) Timing, crank to cylinder head
3) ECU update for all intake, timing and knock sensors

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2.0 stroker

1st, head over to the vortex and search STROKER in the keyword, using 1.8t in the forum option.
You'll find around 7-8 pages of refrence material.
Eurospec used to do stroker kits... so you may want to check there.

Good luck.
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