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1.8T Throttle Body Electronics Cleaning Fix

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Was getting the following fault followed by an EPC light/loss of power/TCS light.

P1542 MIL code, 17950 - Angle Sensor 1 for Throttle Actuator (G187), P1542 - 35-00 - Implausible Signal

Tried re-seating the connector followed by running an adaption, to have it come back a week later. Then ended up cleaning up the carbon resistors inside the electrical cover, which seems to have resolved the issue for over a year now. Was going to do a write up, as I only see people recommending to clean the butterfly valve on here. But it looks like someone on passatworld.com did a fantastic job already. The task is identical on the beetle.

P1542, Cleaning the Throttle Body Electronics DIY

This will apply for Angle Sensor 2 for Throttle Actuator faults as well. It could very well save many from spending money on a new throttle body, when this will resolve the issue. Just wanted to pass this along to some fellow Beetle owners.
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And if after cleaning you still have issues and need to buy a New throttle body, I discovered a money saving alternative.
The part number for a Beetle is listed at $1100 ( Part 06A133062J - throttle body Beetle; 1.8L)
But there is a Generic part that covers ALL the 1.8T, and it was only $132 !!!
The only difference i could see was the Vacuum port was brass, instead of the original plastic.
Have had it on for over a year with no trouble codes.

Bosch Throttle Body for VW Beetle Jetta Bora Golf GTI MK4 Audi A3 S3 TT 1 8T | eBay
I have an extra throttle body lying around if you want to try another one out.
Issue was resolved over a year ago, with nary any issues. Just wanted to pass this along as I could not find a writeup on here in hopes of helping someone else.

I do find it interesting my wife's throttle body assembly has a brass fitting, never knew some were plastic.
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