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NOTE: John AKA FineExampl has NO AFFILIATION with this event...he is just planning on attending.:)

14th Annual Fall Classic VW SHOW & GO

Sunday, October 9, 2005

ADMISSION FEES - spectator side show area

Adults $15

Juniors (6-11 years) $5

Children (5 and under) free

Vendors 20' x 20' & Cars for sale $20 (admits driver & vehicle only)

Manufacturers Midway Space $250 (must pre-register by Oct 4. Call for more details)

Show $20 (admits driver & vehicle only)

Race TROPHY (1/4 Mile ET) Dial your own E.T. Beat 1 opponent win a trophy $25

BUCKS (1/4 Mile ET) Dial your own E.T. $40

Guaranteed $250 to Win based on a min. of 8 cars.

All Time Trials & Eliminations will be held on 1/4 Mile Track



Gates open at 8 AM

Drag racing time trials begin 10:00 AM

Eliminations begin at 1:30 PM

Show car awards at 3 PM

Show Classes

1 up to 57 stock

2 up to 57 modified

3 58 to 67 stock

4 58 to 67 modified

5 68 & up stock

6 68 & up modified

7 Super Beetle stock

8 Super Beetle modified

9 Daily Driver

10 Type 3 & Type 4

11 Bug Vert stock

12 Bug Vert modified

13 Ghia Hdtop stock

14 Ghia Vert stock

15 Ghia Modified

16 Thing

17 Baja

18 Dune Buggy & Rail

19 Type 2 up to 67 - All

20 Type 2 68 & up

21 Type 2 68 & up - Campers

22 Vanagon, Eurovan, & Transporter

23 New Beetle

24 New Beetle Modified

25 Kit Car / Special Interest

26 Up to 84 water-cooled stock

27 MK1 mod water-cooled

28 85-99 stock water-cooled

29 Millenium class (2000-2003 stock)

30 Scirocco modified

31 Corrado modified

32 Fox Modified

33 Golf MK2 mod 8v & 16v

34 Golf MK2 vr6 & 1.8t

35 Golf MK2 4 dr mod

36 Golf MK3 2 dr mod

37 Golf MK3 4 dr mod

38 Golf MK4 mod 2.0

39 Golf Mk4 4dr Mod 2.0

40 Golf MK4 1.8T

41 Golf Mk4 4dr 1.8T
42 Golf MK4 VR6

43 Golf Mk4 4DR VR6

44 Golf 20th Anniversary

45 Golf 337

46 Golf R32

47 Touareg/ Phaeton

48 Cabrio mod

49 Cabriolet mod

50 Passat B3 & B4

51 Passat B5 & B5.5

52 Passat B6

53 Jetta MK2 mod

54 Jetta MK3 mod

55 Jetta MK4 mod 2.0
56 Jetta MK4 mod 1.8T

57 Jetta MK4 mod VR6

58 Jetta MK5 mod

59 MK1 super mod

60 MK2 super mod

61 MK3 super mod

62 MK4 super mod

63 MK5 super mod

64 Audi B5 A4 & S4 Sedan & Avant

65 Audi B6 A4 & S4 Sedan & Avant

66 Audi B7 A4 & S4 Sedan & Avant

67 Audi A6, S6 RS6 Sedan & Avant
68 Audi TT
69 Audi all other models

Best Of Awards

You will only receive one so that others who are equal to or close to will receive recognition.

Best of Show Air-cooled

Best of Show Water-cooled

Best Air-cooled Engine

Best Water-cooled Engine

Best Interior

Best Paint

Best Chassis

Best Display

Coolest Under Construction

Best Club Participation - Fredy Alas & Rico Portillo Memorial Award

NOTE: Some classes will be added or deleted depending on number of entries in that class. Judges will not open doors, trunks or deck lids. Points will not be given. Judging sheets will not be given to you at the end of the day, you must contact Raceway Park. Please properly fill out all forms, if you wish to be judged. CAR ALARMS SHOULD BE DISARMED. Stereos should be at a respectable level. You must pick up your award on show day. No awards will be mailed.

<-----No More Beetle :(
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I'm pretty sure I'll be there! :bigthumb:

<-----No More Beetle :(
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Looks like I'm not going! :thumbsdn:

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2 more days! I hope the weather clears up. THis will be my VERY first VW event! I'm so excited.

Flyer on my fridge, one in my cubicle, noted in my Outlook, etc.

Oh and i'm not goin solo either. My friend from work said she'd tag along. Should be cool. i'm glad i don't have to go alone now.

Must buy new budvase!



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Well, my first VW event and it was kind of a disappointment. There were more Golfs/GTIs than i've ever seen anywhere. If i see one more spikey hair guido and his fat butted girlfriend i think i will freakin puke. Got a strong blast of pot smoke out of one of the cars in the parking lot out of which a few gentleman of the darker persuasion exited. Almost asked if i could join them, but i remembered DRUGS ARE BAD. Right???

Saw one lonely Thing, one lonely van, some sweet air cooled Beetles, and a bunch of other oddities. A few nice Corrados, one lonely Scirocco in need of some TLC, a nice Passat wagon, bunches of drool worthy Audis. One of those Audis had this cute little metalhead chik attached to it which was nice.

In all of the show there were only 6 NB on display. All appeared to be early models and quite nice. I would've liked to see some racing, but alas no such luck.

I picked up a new lanyard and a 2.0 badge. Almost bought a shorty antenna as well as one of the "Divers Wanted" chick legs shirts, but decided to save the cash. The food was lousy and it was WAY too wet and muggy. I only stayed an hour or two as it was quite the disappointment.

I tagged a few cars in the parking lot...were you one of them??

I took some pictures and should be posting them later in the week, possibly tomorrow.

Maybe the spring Show&Go will be better.

To be continued...


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I took 3rd in NB modified! I sorta entered as a joke because my car was so dirty. I guess the judges liked the brake dust.

The weather sucked, but that's usually the case. Come to the one in April when the weather MAY be better. The april one is bigger and better than October usually.

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Pictures of the event as promised...

So here are the highlights of this miserable weather day. You will see the amounts of empty spaces. Probably due to weather.



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