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17560 Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air Bank 1 Range 2 System too Lean - P1152

--- was a reading I got from a shop. He said it was the O2 sensor after the catalytic converter.

Ross-Tech says this:

17560/P1152/004434 - Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 2: System too Lean

Possible Causes
Mass Air Flow Sensors (G70) faulty
Intake Air System faulty/leaking (false Air)
Fuel Injector(s) faulty
Fuel Pump faulty
Exhaust System leaking
Secondary Air Injection System faulty/leaking
Possible Solutions
Check Mass Air Flow Sensors (G70)
Check Intake Air System for Leaks
Check Fuel Injector(s)
Check Fuel Pump
Check Exhaust System for Leaks
Check Secondary Air Injection System

I can't clean the MAF sensor at the moment, but if it is an [email protected] sensor, is/was the mechanic right?
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