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New to the forum, but have done a fair amount of searching on my issue. Please go easy on me if I've missed something in the forum already.

I'm getting the following from VAG-COM:

17746 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40)
P1338 - 35-00 - Open or Short to Plus

Readiness: 0110 1101

It seems that I may have a bad sensor, a short somewhere, a bad ECU, or something wrong with the timing.? I have been looking at some of the readings from the sensor, and I'm getting a consistent 4.997 volts between wires #1 and #3. I'm not getting anything when I try to take a Hz reading. (This was suggested in a writeup on three wire sensors.) Does this mean my sensor is bad? Is there something else I can do to test the sensor?

In reading through many of the posts on timing belts, I think I can get to and replace the sensor without removing the timing belt. I'd probably replace the tensioner since it looks like it might be older than the timing belt. (timing belt is about 20k miles old). There are two things I'm concerned about in the process. 1) Do I need a special tool to remove the cam sprocket and 2) is the sprocket keyed to the camshaft? On the latter item, my TCD on the camshaft and the crack appear to line up true (I think meaning that the car is close to it's true timing), but how do I make sure the sprocket and camshaft go back together properly on re-assemble? Maybe mark the two on the back of the sprocket?

I apologize in advance for a potentially naive first post.
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