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17" Emo rims w/tires - $700!!!

Back up for sale!!!
17" Emo Style 540 chrome rims (can be seen at http://www.emowheels.com/home/emostylz/5402k3.htm) These rims appear to only be available through the Emo wheels website since I couln't find ANY online wheel shops that carry this model.

Two tires are basically new (Kuhmo 712's) and the other two are maybe 30% worn (Falken's). To get this package new would cost upwards of $1600 (rims on the website are $320/ea). One wheels has a small scuff but it wasn't curbed (see pic). I think it may have happened at the wheel shop when I was having my new rims put on. I noticed it for the first time the other day when I was cleaning them for these pictures. I had never seen it prior so it has happened recently. Anyway, I took a few pics so you can judge for yourself. I can send more pics on request.

Asking $700 plus shipping or if you are in the area I am more than willing to meet up. I live in Bellingham, WA 98226 (about an hour north of Seattle)


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