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1998-2010 seats in a 2012+ NB?

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Hi all! I'm looking to replace my 1999 New Beetle with a newer year, but I have found that I much prefer the front seats of the 1998-2010 NB to the seats in the 2012+ NB A5s.

Would it be possible to buy a 2012+ NB and bring my old 1999 NB front seats with me? What would I need to do to put my old seats in a new (to me) car? Is it just a matter of changing out the rails and living with no seat airbag? Or am I missing something?

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The A5 seats, really leave allot to be desired; I remember, going to a special Beetle unveiling event, for the release of the then, "new" 2012 models at my local VW dealership. The first thing, that I noticed, was how uncomfortable; the seats were and really seemed, to be a afterthought, compared to the sport seats in my Turbo S New Beetle. From, what I can tell; they never changed the seats and improved them, as they did with the New Beetle?

That being said, the seats from the New Beetle are from a totally different platform and would have to probably, have the frames weeded to a compatible seat bottom frame, that is compatible with the stock rails or going with a totally different setup would require more in-depth modifications?

You might go with the more typical seat upgrade method in the past; which, is to find a compatible seat, from the same era VW Golf/GTI or Audi, that has a seat that you feel is more supportive and comfortable for you?

I'm sure, this has been done by someone; this may require, some research and googling, to figure out what fits, what is compatible?
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