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1998 Volkswagen New Beetle Instrument Cluster (speedometer). This cluster was removed from the vehicle when new. Only has 60 miles on it.

If your speedometer is giving you problems (bouncing needle, etc) this might me the cheap solution. This cluster new from VW Parts cost $354.00, and the cheapest I found in a junk yard is $150.00.

When installing the cluster, you still have to tak the vehicle to a VW dealer so they can reprogram the ECU the new cluster. If you don't, the miles on the speedo will be 60 miles instead of the actual mileage of the car.

This instrument cluster is only for the 1998 VW New Beetle, automatic, 2.0L engine.

Any questions or extra pics, please send me email.

Part # IC0919950A
Manufactured 3/31/1998
Ser# 008VWZ5Z0W2315518S

Sell for $35.00 including shipping to the continental USA. Outside the continental USA, send me email for shipping cost.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts