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1998 NB 2.0 Automatic... Fuel Pump and .......

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The fuel pump and dash fuel level gauge are not working. The car was running just fine up till about two weeks ago. Then it would randomly die but I could always get it restarted after a few tries and then drive off. Sometimes it would just die in traffic but like I said it always restarted. Then I was at a friends house and when I went outside to drive away it would not start at all. Had it towed home and trouble shot it. Didn't hear the fuel pump start and so I checked the fuel pump relay and it seems to be working fine. I can't find a fuse to check so not sure if there is a fuse. I do have a half tank of fresh gas.

So I ordered a new fuel pump. Just installed it and again nothing. The fuel pump isn't running at all and the fuel gauge is not moving.

I pulled the fuel pumps cable, turned the ignition switch to on and tested the two plug slots for power. Was getting just over 1 volt. Not enough to do anything.

So now I am at a stand still and could use some help. Does anyone know what I should check next?

We did pour a little gas down the intake and it started and ran until the gas ran out. So I know its getting spark and will run. I just don't have any real power going back to the fuel pump.

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I connected 12VDC to the new fuel pump thats installed in the beetle. The pump turned on and worked and then stopped when it reached pressure. I was able to start the car and it ran for a few minutes. I decided to plug the connector back onto the pump and see what happened. It continued to run for another two or three minutes and then it died and wouldn't start.
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