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1998 Trunk Switch acting funky

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The trunk switch on the door of my beloved 98 has started to act up occasionally. When I pull the switch I can hear it firing the relay under the dash and I can open the trunk with the key. Any thoughts?
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Does it ever open with the switch or only with the key?

Mine hadn't worked with the switch since I bought the car, but it made noise like it should. One day, years later, I had the cover off the trunk lid for something and noticed part of the latch assembly was just hanging there, not in the clips. I clipped it back in, and it worked! Not sure if that's the same issue, and sorry that was terribly vague. All I know is something was hanging when it shouldn't have been haha. It was a few years ago and I've slept a lot since then.
It only just started to do this a few weeks ago. It happened once and then it was fine again, but now it's doing it again. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll look into it.
Thank you for the post. I've printed out the fix it thread and will look it over to see if I feel capable of giving it a try.
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