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1999 2.0L GLS - For Sale Make Offer Rochester, NY

Could be a good deal for someone that can do all the work.
Doomed by broken timing belt in 2010 at about 108000 mi. This was a premature failure since it had been changed at 52k mi. Cost of repair was not worth the car. $500 to just find out how much damage and find cost to repair.
So, with nothing to lose I decided to fix it myself with expert help from friend. Pulled the head. Pistons were OK. Only a few valves bent. Had a performance machine shop rebuild the head. That is still fresh in plastic. Here is state of car:
Been in closed garage all this time. Circumstances prevented me from finishing the job and I am still unable. I have to let it go with heavy heart.
New parts that will be included:
  • Water pump and thermostat (installed, metal impeller)
  • Timing belt and tensioner
  • Camshaft position sensor
  • Head gasket set
  • Head bolts
  • Bentley hard cover Service Manual
Probably needs gas, water, and brake flush as well as brake rotor resurface or new. Don't know how calipers are after sitting that long. They may need reconditioning or new. maybe just cleaning and proper lube. Same for tires, don't know how they do sitting that long.
Will need new engine mounting bracket bolts (removed per service manual for the repair job. New bolts are recommended for re-install)
Car has new radiator (about a year old) professionally installed.
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