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Hi, all
I'm trying to get the starter motor out of a 1999 2.0L new bug so I can take it to my parts place to get it tested.(State of the car is Won't Start. Other electical things (lights, wipers and friends) work fine. Battery is brand new. Turn ignition key, starter gives one (1) click and that's it.)

After having removed tons of stuff that was in the way, we finally have actual access!! to the starter motor bolts. We began with the lower one and it absolutely won't loosen. Not with socket wrench, not with crescent/box-end wrench, not even with an impact wrench and socket. Yes, I have been under the car and looked (as best I could) at the bolt threads with a bright light. I don't THINK it's reverse-threaded; I THINK we're turning the nut in the right direction, counter-clockwise. No joy with any of the tools I mentioned. I'm afraid to apply even more force than I already have, for fear of actually twisting the bolt end off.

Am I

Thanks very much for any clues for the clueless.

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