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Right now, you have substantial play and worn parts. I had all kinds of problems with gear shifting and adjusting the shifter linkage, until i rebuilt things, replaced all the worn parts.

When, i was adjusting the linkage; before fully rebuilding things, i just messed with it and played around with the adjustment, until it shifted better (i was never able to get it right).

As noted: it wasn’t until a full rebuild with new parts, i was able to accurately adjust the linkage, finally restore the shifting quality back to normal, like new gear selection, like new quality (once again).

You can bang your head against the wall and try to adjust things but until you fix the primary issue (worn parts, too much play), you won’t be able to have good shifting quality (no matter how many times; you try to “adjust” the linkage).

I would stop frustrating yourself; order the new parts you need, rebuild the shifter assembly and go from there (adjustment is a breeze; when the parts are new).

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