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2 problems Weird noises and Engine problems

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Hello, I have a 2003 vw beetle Turbo S it has 126,000 miles on it. I've recently replaces the oil hose leading to my turbo, the boost regulator valve and a new clutch, flywheel, slave cylinder, and pressure plate.

1st problem- I hear a metallic noise like a metal fan hitting the side? But its by my feet and happens when I shift from any gear the engine bogs kind sound like a diesel taking off...and sounds like its about to stall till it hits about 3000 rpms no matter how fast I'm going. It also makes that noise when i go from in gear to neutral. Turbo is still going strong but the engine feels rough.

2nd problem- I have a noise coming from my drivers side that can only be heard inside the car or near the wheel well. It sounds like bubbles being blown into milk best way to describe it and happens only when i turn my wheels. Its kind of high pitched but not a squeak or squeel.

Any ideas? Please help.
Thank you.
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Hey, I have the same car and just replaced my clutch recently as well. I'm not quite following the noises you describe but what type, brand clutch did you install and who did the work (pro or diy)? Is the clutch; working as it should?

One issue that I had; which took me a long time to figure out, was the clutch pulley on the alternator. They do not have a normal solid pulley; it is called a clutch or overrun pulley system. They wear out eventually; they can seize, causing a chirping noise, serpentine belt slippage and a hesitation from the slipping belt. The belt will glaze prematurely; run rough and cause quite a bit of movement from the tensioner. Read this thread for more info:


To understand what this type of pulley does; check out this video by INA (the oem for Volkswagen):


The noise you describe when turning; I would inspect the whole front end for wear. Common.problems are lower control arm bushings an dthe bearings on the top of the struts, can seize and cause odd noises when turning the wheel.

Is it possible; for you to make a video and post it up here, so we can try to ascertain the noises you are referring to?

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