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2000 beetle ABS ESP ECU no communication fault

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Hi all.
Im new to the site.
I have brought a 2000 beetle with abs and esp warning lights!
I brought cheap because of these problems (i buy, repair and sell cars (just to be upfront))
Anyway alot of research has been made into abs system and problems on the beetles online.
I obviously suspect faulty abs ecu as keep getting no signal fault code up.
Just thought ill check live and earth wires to ecu and found with ignition off im getting earth on all 4 large pins. Ignition on I get 12v to top 2 pins but also getting earth still on all 4 pins!
So am I to suspect broken wiring or somehow is this ment to be giving me these readings?
Im happy ive got a 12v feed and earth to the plug so if above is approved by everyone I will be looking to get ecu reconditioned.
Is there a way to remove ecu without removing pump?
Can anyone recommend someone to recon ecu.
Thanks in advance.
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Please post any and all codes; are you using a vw type scan tool? When you say "ecu"; are you referring to the abs controller or the main ecu?

You might look at these manuals for specific factory based testing procedures; to confirm your diagnosis:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals
im running delphi 2013 software on laptop.
no P fault codes etc.
will run through what i got up on my laptop:
01316 - ABS control unit
- No communication
- Permenent
01044 - ECU faulty coded
- No symptom
- Permenent
01314 - Engine control unit
- No comunication
- Permenent
00812 - Brake pressure solenoid trip switch
- No symptom
- Permenent
00778 - steering angle sensor
- No communication
- Permenent
00283 - Front left wheel speed sensor
- No symptom
- Intermittent
18057 - CAN, engine/ABS communication: missing message
- Perminent

that was on the 1st scan of the car (some were old)
i tried reprogramming codes on abs ecu. tried them all but no joy.
ill have a quick look at that link before i rip the ecu out.
should mention despite these fault codes the car runs and drives. bleaps on start up (!) warning light, ABS waring light.
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