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First of all Hi to everyone, I am new here. Located in chicago by beautiful ORD.
I got my son a 2000 beetle 2.0 automatic when he started college 9 years ago. For the most part it has been a good car,it now has 69900 miles. Saturday he told me his speedo, odometer,cruise all stopped working and his gas gauge is jumping around.His CEL came on too.
I took the car to autozone for an OBD scan and it came back with a P code for the VSS. 45 bucks later I put in the VSS thinking my problems would be over. But nooooo, it did not fix the problem. I checked several fuses and all where good.I had voltage at the connector too.
I took the original sensor that I replaced and chucked the shaft into a drill and hooked it up to the connecter, the speedometer worked fine. I also checked the new sensor (G22?) and it drove the speedo fine.

I pulled the sensor drive unit/dipstick from the gearbox and hooked it up to a drill and a sensor, no soap, it didnt drive the speedo. In fact I cant see anything spinning in the unit from the top or through the little hole near the bottom. So I am assuming I need a new sensor drive unit.

Thats where you guru's come in please. I assume this is a stealer/dealer only part. Any idea on what it will cost? Does anyone have a part #? Is this a common problem? For the life of me I cant figure out what would cause a plastic shaft that is soaking in gear lube to break.
If you have an online source for this unit or even its proper name I would be indebted.

Oh yea I almost forgot, will the CEL reset itself when I replace the VSS drive?

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I'm no mechanic, but it seems like you know what's going on. Is it something that you can pull from a wrecked NB? As you know, the dealer parts cost an arm and leg. :rolleyes:

Good luck, and Welcome to the Org! :wave2:
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