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2000 Power Window/Lock problem

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My daughters 2000 Beetle started having issues with the drivers side PW and PL. The window was down in the shop the other evening and when she went to leave for school the next day it wouldn't go up. Took to the neighbor who said the window module is bad? said it looks to be mounted to the motor for the window. He unplugged the motor and switch and plugged back in and it worked then quit again. The power lock will not work on the drivers side door, but the passengers side works OK. I have the window unplugged at the switch so she can still drive it, just not use the window or lock the door. Any ideas out there to help the newbie??

Thanks in advance
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Some people have been getting a problem where the power windows will work for 10 minutes after connecting the battery and then stop. The problem seems to be in the wiring harness and not the door controller on the power window motor. Look at this and the linked threads:


Try disconnecting the battery for a few seconds, reconnect and try the windows. See if you have the same "works for 10 minutes" symptom.
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