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My 2001 5-Speed 150hp 1.8T New Beetle Sport is For Sale. I'm the original owner of the vehicle. The car has 18,1XX original miles, no damage history, no scratches, never seen a flake of snow, clear title and all paperwork. All maintenace has been kept up. Regular oil chnges done on time not miles. Timing Belt has NOT been changed out. The car will be sold with all parts from original interior. Just lowered price to $18K. Please PM if interested. Car located in Marietta, GA. See my ad in here:

or Thread in Photos section for pictures of interior/exterior with & without the magnetic graphics.

The following is a listing of all the enhancements & modifications:

Red Baron Modifications/Enhancements

• Euro Switch (2 position 2 pull)
• AlienTech Remote Window Controller
• TT Dead Pedal
• TT Alum Pedal covers
• Stainless Steel Door Sills
• Alum Flower Vase 3-ring design
• Alum Door Lock Knobs 3-ring Sport design
• Alum Handbrake Cover 3-ring Sport
• White Gauge Face Plate
• Custom Gauge Face Overlay
• Bernt 3 Gauge Pod
• Autometer Street Rod Arctic White Boost, Water Temp &
Voltmeter Gauges
• Inner door handles – black
• Black Leather Grab Handles
• Black Vynil door trim around door grab handle
• Glove box velcro 3 beetles grab handle cover
• Weather-Tech Rubber Trunk Mat-black
• Front/Rear “Monster” Rubber Floor Mats(VW-ZVW-179-003)
• Blue Max (Pour le Merit) to hang from rearview mirror
• Custom Made Cup Holder dust covers w/ Red Baron Logo
• Two Tone Center Console (black over gray)
• Rieger Illuminated Shift Knob(red light, black shift
• Black Speaker Grills (front, rear and upper dash)
• ISOTTA Aluminum Shift Gear Frame
• iPod/MP3 connection to Factory Head Unit Mounted in
Arm Rest no visible wires
• Color matched Center dash console, speedometer
housing, grab bar covers, vents (red)
• VW shoulder Belt Pads (VW Performance)
• Alumi Mirror Knob with VW Logo
• Custom Rear Headrest Covers

• VW Chrome Exhaust Tips
• Bernt Wiper Cowl
• Bernt Air Induction Hood With Carbon Fiber Inserts
• Prodesigns Speedster Rear Wing
• Caractere Front Grill with Foglights
• VW Motorsports Badging
• New Beetle Door Pillar Panels (B-Pillar) Silver black
"turbo" script
• 2001 17” Sport Rims w/red inserts
• Turbo S Passenger side fender liner
• Clear front corner lights
• Jam Straight 1157 Amber LED’s
• Jam Straight Load Equilizers for LED’s
• Red/Clear Euro Rear Tailights
• Phillips SilverVisions rear tailight bulbs
• Alum Bilit Shorty Antenna
• Fog Lamp Guards (Bubble style- clear)
• Wolf Hood Bra
• VW Splash Guards-black
• VW Stone Kit-black
• VW Door Handle Guards-black
• VW Logo Valve Stem Caps
• VW Chrome License Plate Frame
• Custom form fit Rear Licence plate cover
• Removeable Magnetic Vynil Graphics (Red Baron
markings from Fokker Triplane)
• “Red Baron” Windshield Graphic


• BugMod 3" Ram-Air CAI Blinker System
• Bailey Motorsport DV30 diverter valve (piston type)
• NoBuzz Turbo Restrictor T-Fitting from New South
• AC Autotechnics Water Temperature Adapter (Polished
• Color Matched Engine Cover, battery box cover, air
box cover
• Snowbox Removed


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With as rare is uni red sports are, and with as low as a mileage you have on your hands... you will have a MUCH easier time getting a larger sum of money if the car was back to the stock appearance.

I know if i was looking for one, this factory color/trim combo is really high on my list, but i wouldn't want to spend that much, just to de-mod it myself.

Good luck with the sale.

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I didn't think you could really get a bank or insurance to value the car for more than just plain old book value?

I don't see many people seeing the value in spending $20k on a $6k car.

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Agreed. And when you mod a car like that, you will never get the money out of it that you put into it.

Has the timing belt been done? Mileage is low, but its got 11 years on it if its original. Ticking time bomb.

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I think you have a very, very limited audience for all the mods, nice as they are, and as well done. It's obvious you have put a lot of time, money, and effort into your car, and I certainly don't mean to put down, or minimize all your hard work, but...

Consider... most ppl into heavy modding want to do their own thing with their own ideas, not spend all that money buying someone else's.

Proper servicing and undeniable records would mean a lot more.

And agreed, who would spend $20k for a $6k car. That's how any bank or any insurance company would look at it. It's just a friggin' car. You need to be thinking you might get an extra $1k, maybe $2k, or so, and consider it a lesson learned about modding. You might try putting it on eBay, set your reserve, and see what happens, every now and then a couple nuts will come along, with more money than sense, and get into a bidding frenzy. Or just keep bumping, and bumping, and bumping...


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Oh man, this is one pristine Nb!!! It has one of my top 3 favorite NB specific mods on it, the BugMod 3" Ram-Air CAI Blinker.

That was one great product the boys from Chi'town came up with.

Well it is gorgeous, and should get you more than book, that is without a doubt.

But $15k over is a little aggressive IMHO though. If this was a featured (i.e. Front cover) car in any of the VW mags and/or had a long show car history then......

But, it is an extremely well done concept though. A lot of time and talent has gone into the execution of the Red Baron Theme!

So definitely put it on e-bay, set your reserve and roll the dice. Nothing to lose their.

All the best with your sale! Hope you find someone who falls instantly in love with it that is willing to pay something extra for such a great concept car.

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I agree with all the above statements. 10->12k tops?

I like the car, but some of the mods are to personalized. 19k?

I love sport bugs but that's steep, do you want to really sell it? Or keep it?

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I agree with all the above statements. 10->12k tops?

I like the car, but some of the mods are to personalized. 19k?

I love sport bugs but that's steep, do you want to really sell it? Or keep it?
Would of thought more on the lines of, trying to recoup what was spent on it.

Over here it would go for book price (Standard Bug price for that year model)

Seen Bug's over here with thousands thrown at them, then the owners find out it'll go for book price, the modifications come off sharpish and the Bug sells for standard, and all the mods go on ebay loose :(

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Wow, my boyfriend would love this because it's a turbo and manual but would not like the price listing. :/

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