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2001 Volkswagen New Beetle Turbo Sport

120,000 miles

$2,500 firm

This is a two owner car that I purchased in early 2008 as a trade in from the original owner. Silver Arrow metallic paint, black and grey interior, 1.8T AWV engine, and five speed 02j manual transmission.

I do not need this car any longer and I want to sell it to someone else who wants a good starter car or even an engine swap donor for earlier vehicles like rabbits or golfs. I am not interested in selling this car to people who just want to drive it away and expect nothing to ever go wrong. If you are looking for a perfect daily driver, please look elsewhere. There are reasons for the price which I will explain below.

The bad:

Turn signal relay is not working. This is the hazard switch and it's easy to replace.
There is a drip leak coming from a cooling pipe on the passenger side frame rail. This leads to the turbo. The car loses about a pint of coolant every thousand miles or so. The pipe is rusting out. An easy fix.
The dual mass flywheel is getting tired and makes the car difficult to shift at times. However, the clutch is original and all of these parts would be accessible during a replacement. The clutch does hold strong regardless.
The starter whines and does not fully release when you let go of the key. The fix for this is to remove the starter and lubricate the planetary gears inside, which I have done already. It didn't help, but then the problem does not affect starting and just annoys you with the sound.
During start-up, the air pump required for emissions makes the car run poorly. After warming up the car it runs and drives as it should.
The airbags in this car have been disabled. I will include the passenger side bag but it has been removed from the dash. This is the only error indicator shown on the cluster. The control module for the airbags has been completely disconnected.
The stereo does not have a working screen. It broke, the tape deck doesn't work, and the antenna on the roof needs to be replaced (does not tune in distant channels) Don't expect to listen to your tunes until you replace this stuff. The system is the Monsoon six speaker setup, so using these speakers with a new stereo will sound great.

The ugly:

There is no armrest between the front seats, the hole where it used to be is now exposed.
There are a few holes in dash trim parts for switches and LEDs that no longer exist.
A phone holder is permanently mounted to the dash top. It is a quality arm, though.
Where the "flower vase" used to be is now an auxillary switch meant for activating a solenoid under the hood. It can be used to turn on fog lights or any other accessory.
The dash cluster and guages are custom. The speedometer is tiny and hard to read. The tachometer is huge and easy to read. The one drawback to this modification is the fuel guage needle had to be trimmed, but all of these things still function just fine.
The air filter box has been heavily modified with a window for inspection and the lower part of the box was opened up for maximum flow and sound output. You can clearly hear the intake and turbo spooling sounds.
The vacuum lines and boost lines have been replaced and re-routed with non-original parts. They all work and hold pressure- however it's not pretty.
The driver side door was impacted by a neighbor last year, it's now fairly well banged up as a result. The door handle on this door is difficult to use because of the damage, but it does work. The switch inside the handle is damaged so don't expect the interior light to come on when the door is open.
The paint on the trunk, hood, and roof was redone with satin black paint. Peeling clearcoat and pits in the paint led me to experiment. Hey it looks better than before!
There are other paint issues such as peeling clearcoat in a few spots and cracked paint around the driver side rear maker light.

The good:

There is hardly any rust anywhere on the car. The cooling pipe is probably the worst.
The rocker panels under the doors are NOT damaged like most beetles!
The front grill and radiator support are in good shape while most beetles have damaged parts here.
The engine is strong and holds stock boost very well, in fact I've doubled the boost at one time and the car was a monster.
Timing belt, water pump, and all associated parts were installed just before 100k.
If you want more power, this engine has all the same physical parts as the GTI does, and it can be flashed with APR tuning or some other $500 chip... this brings the car from 150 HP right now up to 205 HP. I repeat, this is a hardware 180HP motor. 317Cc injectors and K03S turbo just like the 180HP gti.
Suspension is still in great shape with no play. Handles very well.
Brakes are thick but the rotors are getting tired. I would replace the rotors although it does brake fine as it sits.
All the lights work, and the headlights are black inside instead of chrome. Clear maker lights have been installed for appearance too.
The turbo blow off valve has been upgraded with an aluminum part that is more accurate and better at doing its job than the stock part. When you let off the gas you hear the air being released. Some people like the sound.
Tinted windows, the car came with them from the original owner.

ALL options and features work except for what I have listed above. Here is the list of what you get:

Fog lights
Speed-activated 90mph rear spoiler (can be activated manually with a relocated switch)
Power moon roof
Power mirrors
Power windows
Keyless entry with alarm and engine disable
Heated leather seats, sport style
A/C, could use a recharge but still gets cool in summer
Traction control, disable switch
17" Five spoke alloy wheels and Toyo Proxes ZR tires in good shape
Disabled daytime running lights! Save your bulbs!
Coil packs ($50 each) all have been replace in last 20k
USB cable to scan the car for codes and more. Requires WinXP laptop.
Complete set of manuals the car came with. Original window sticker and option code sticker.
Clear title.

All in all this car is a steal for the price. Good luck finding a plain jane beetle with the slow engine and no sunroof or leather at a car lot for less than 3k. Replace the door, fix the leak, and put in a hazard switch and drive it or sell it for more. If you want to see what the car has been through, check out or and search for posts by "zeusenergy" you will find many writeups, diy pictures, technical information, and more. If you want the car for a motor swap be aware you will get five lug hubs, disk brakes all around, excellent heated seats, and all supporting equipment for the swap. A great deal for VW fans.

Email will(at)
The car is located in pittsfield NH

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