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Hey everyone...I'm working on my neices 01 beetle with the 2.0 engine. My sister called and said that her a/c wasn't blowing cold. I assumed it was probably a bad compressor or out of freon. When I got over there, the compressor appears to be good. The clutch engages when commanded and disengages when you turn the a/c off. The pressures don't appear to correct though, but I can't seem to find any reference values for them. I know that a/c pressures aren't black and white and change with all kinds of variables, but her high side pressure was 125psi and the low side was 62 psi. The outside temp was around 80 degrees. I think the low side should be lower and the high side should be higher. The clutch doesn't do the on/off/on/off cycling that I've typically seen with low freon.

I've seen a forum post where someone had success replacing the variable displacement valve on the back of the compressor, but I'm not sure if thats her problem or not.

Hopefully you guys can give me some insight.

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