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2001 VW Beetle seats

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What years of VW Beetle seats will bolt right into a 2001 VW Beetle GLS coupe? I want to swap my cloth seats for leather seats and need to know what years are the same as the 2001.
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Pretty sure from '98-'10 should work. Also, any mk4 will swap over so if you find a 2-door Golf or a GTI with leather seats, those will swap as well.
I think VW changed the airbag connection in 2001. So any New Beetle seat will fit but the connection may be different.
I was told the seat rails were different starting in 04. Then another change in 07.
Thanks for the information. I took my 2001 NBC with the 2.0 engine to Pep Boys yesterday for an oil change. I asked the guy to check my cabin air filter. He came back and said there was not a cabin air filter in my car. Is that possible? I just bought the car last week and asked him to check the air intake filter also and he told me the air intake filter was brand new as well as a new fuel filter nuder the car. The dealer had also installed new rotors and brake pads on the rear and the front brakes were still good. I'm going back to Pep Boys again because he didn't tell me I needed work that I really didn't need! He seemed like a real nice guy who inspected the underneath of my car and said everything was clean and without any rust!


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Cabin filter is under the dash on the passenger side inside the car.
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