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I have a 2001 beetle 1.8 turbo. 248k miles.
Well, out of the blue. Driving down I20, the temp light came on flashing red, for appx 10-20 seconds. Then red oil light started flashing. Oil change n tune up done. All maintainance done, all fluids new and full. Stopped pulled over. Waited an hour. Went back on I20 heading home. Well, 2nd time in 1 trip it did it again. This time, there was a real loud knocking and banging sound from under the big black cover under hood.
What is this. My first foreign car. Usually a ford truck. But anyways.
What is the problem?. Plus being disabled my husband and myself. Now I have to decide, try to fix car and be homeless or pay rent and walk. If there's someone in or near Carrollton GA , I really need help. I can't pay all upfront...but have been drawing SSI for 11 yes now. Have MS and husband has Parkinson's disease and spinal bone cancer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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