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2002 Beetle Door Lock and Battery Drain

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I"m vexed.

2002 New Beetle Turbo S recently acquired. Drivers door lock and power locks did not work. I ordered a new latch / lock mechanism and installed it. That fixed a bunch of issues:

- now able to lock / unlock using remote
- now able to lock with lock rod (ear was broken off where that connected)
- puddle light now works
- light in rear view mirror now works
- door chimes now work.
- doors lock automatically when you begin driving

It also brought some new issues:

- exterior door handle has to be pulled twice to open door if the door has just been unlocked Could this related to the exterior door handle cable tension? (the cable that goes from external door handle to the lever on latch / actuator.)
- interior door handle has to be pulled three times to open the door if it has been locked. Could this be related to the exterior door handle cable tension?
- something is now draining the battery. are there any common problem points that give rise to this sort of thing? If it wasn't so involved to pull apart, I'd try pulling the wires off the door latch / lock. That may be coming.

- as part of this project, I addressed the fact that the door lock cylinder was entirely gummed up. Even after extended soaking / treatment I was unable to remove the cylinder from the internal barrel and I resorted to forcing it out, cleaning it up and putting it back together with all the tumblers that were still intact (4 of 8). I know that the door lock / latch switch works properly because I tested it with a screw driver. Is there something I"m missing about how it went together that would permit the cylinder to unlock the doors, but not lock them?

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I had the "double pull" on my NB years ago; which was the result of something the dealer did. I took it back and they fixed it no questions asked. I know it is long shot, but ask your nearest dealer and see if they will point you in the right direction.
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