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2002 Beetle TDI rear hatch release?

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My keyfob and door switch stopped opening my rear hatch. Is there a hand release somewhere or how do you get it open. Also what could be some of the causes? I checked the switch and it is ok, just not opening the hatch. Is there a fuse/relay somewhere? There is no place to insert a key on the rear hatch. I am guessing it is the actuator, but have no way of getting to it until I get the hatch open.
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Well, on MY 2002 TDI, you sort of turn the VW emblem on the rear hatch to the side, and the key fits in the lock hidden there, and you can open the hatch. I know there seem to be variants on this theme, though.
Sadly no. If you don't have a swivel emblem, there is no key latch anywhere for it.

Bisbeetle, you have a RARE 02 with a swivel and I'm jealous! lol

My rear hatch motor has a faulty wire, I had to pry off the rear cov (just two screws)... and you can actually hand move the motor in order to get the hatch open. Mine is constantly not working so I have attached a string to mine so that I'm always able to access it and put the hatch panel back on. It's a big pain in the booty but I have tools in the trunk and I have to be able to access them.

Hope that helps. I can always take pics if you want to see what I did.
I sure am glad mine has one...it has saved the day a few times. Sorry most of the 2s don't.
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