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2002 TDI part-out

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I bought this TDI as a donor vehicle for my Jeep XJ. It's a 2002 ALH, auto, PW/PL, 165k or so IIRC. Running great, but took a hit up front which I believe ruptured the transmission cooler lines. Starts up fine but shuts off immediately when placed in gear.

What I am keeping:

Engine with accessories, fuel system, engine wiring harness/PCM, gauge cluster, starter, and whatever small things I'll need for the swap.

What is for sale:

The car as a roller, or if people desire a part-out, interior, seats, body panels (hood is wrecked), doors, ect.

PM me what you are looking for and shoot me an offer. The car is located in Gaithersburg, MD 20855.

Link to the album: Imgur

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in need of a few beetle parts

pm sent!
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