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2002 Turbo S - Puerto Rico

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:DHere are some pics of my 2002 Turbo S.


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Pretty!!! :bowdown:
I'm diggin on the PG TS. Love the stance. You runnin coilovers or springs?
My wheels are audi R8 18" replicas, and i runt the Eibach pro kit.:)
Nice!!! My TS is also a PG. I'm runnin Audi A8L reps 18's. What type of spoiler is that and where did ya source it. How is the ride quality on that Pro-kit?
The spoiler i bought it online on spoilerdepot.com and the ride is a little rough but thats the way I love it!:)
car looks good... welcome to the turbo s club!!! :cool:
Nice T S pai ;)
Beautiful TS. Thanks for posting the pics.
Pretty Bug!
I like your interior lights; they are cool :cool:

Post more pics, please!

Greetings from Finland :frosty:
Is there any chance that you could post a better picture of your boost gauge? I am curious to see how you mounted it. Please?
Here are more pictures of my car.:D The boost gauge is tied with a black tie wrap to the small A/C vent that is located near the big A/C vent.


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Your car looks very very good. I can't wait for spring so that I can get to work on my car :).
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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