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I've been working on this girl's 2003 Beetle because she has emissions coming up. The check engine light has been on so she got it checked out and the codes that came up were P2181 and P0171 which is a problem with the Mass Air Flow sensor and The Coolant Temperature Sensor.

So I replaced the sensors and changed the oil, and the light went off and I've been in her car for hours as she drives it around, now she does not by any means beat on this car, she takes very good care of it and drives within the speed limit. After a few days the light came back on and today she said she got checked again for the same codes P2181 and P0171.

The only other thing I've noticed is on long roadtrips the vehicle would say it's overheating even when it didn't seem like it. So we'd stop for 5 minutes check under the hood and everything was fine, buttoned it back up and be fine for the rest of that trip with no issues.

Now I'm thinking it potentially might be a blown head gasket, but I don't want to jump the gun.

Any ideas would really be helpful

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