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You have to hold the "down" switch longer than you think you should. This could be the problem, I thought I had a problem also when I first bought mine. Top lubrication is a service item on the service schedule, check the OM for when, but this is also somewhat of a time related item (figure15k miles = 1 year). If she didn't get an Owners Manual, I think I put an '03 NBC manual up on a thread today, on eBay, for cheap. She MUST have one. No, sorry, it is a NB not NBC. Owners manuals are year and hardtop or convertible specific.

Extremely critical you follow the maintenance schedule in the manual with NBs.
Also very coolant type and oil type specific.

Also consider a special top cleaner and top protectorant. I swear by RaggTopp. Get it at www.autogeek.net Not just for appearance but longevity. Water should bead on the top, just like water beading on a waxed finish.

The rag top Bug's a blast! The two of you have fun with it. Read up here about all the maintenance required, esp, timing belt.

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