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2003 GAS 160k miles. Check engine light:

I would really like to sell it and move on. However, not possible now that I'm in California. Currently registered out of state and need it smog'd to register and/or sell.

I've attached a smog report that sort of makes sense. Can anyone judge by the engine codes and the report what the issue (really) is and point me in the right direction?

Much thanks for any help!


5/23/10 <3
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First code is usually a failed catalytic converter, though it can be an O2 sensor: 16804/P0420/001056 - Ross-Tech Wiki

16804/P0420/001056 - Catalyst System; Bank 1: Efficiency Below Threshold
Possible Causes

Leakage in Intake and/or Exhaust System
Catalyst faulty
Oxygen Sensor(s) faulty
Oxygen Sensor(s) Control faulty

Possible Solutions

Check Intake and Exhaust System for Leaks
Check Catalyst
Check Oxygen Sensor(s)
Check Oxygen Sensor(s) Control
Perform Oxygen Sensor(s) Aging Check

Special Notes

For 1.8T's experiencing this fault code, this thread may be useful: VWVortex.com - Aftermarket DP/Cat -DTC - Cat efficiency below threshold - Who has this DTC and wich DP/Cat
Second code is most likely your coolant temp sensor, but could also be thermostat:18613/P2181/008577 - Ross-Tech Wiki

18613/P2181/008577 - Performance Malfunction in Cooling System
Possible Solutions

Check Engine Coolant Temperature Sender (G62)
Check Coolant Thermostat
Check Engine Cooling System
Put the key on, fan speed on 1, and push the a/c switch. Are both fans kicking on? If not, you found the problem.
Put the key on and fan speed on 1 with temperature set to hot. Does heat come out readily from the vents?
No. Probably the water pump is gone.
Yes. Probably the thermostat is gone.

Special Notes

Check the stored Freeze Frame data with this fault code. Freeze Frame information will be found in the fault code description (if the module supports it) or in Generic OBD-II if the vehicle complies with those regulations.
Freeze Frame data stored at -40*C is generally an indication of a faulty ECT or wiring.
Freeze Frame data stored at +140*C is generally an indication of a faulty ECT or wiring.
Freeze Frame data stored with in the 68*C ~ 80*C range is an indication that the vehicle was close to, but not within, the cooling systems normal operation range. The Thermostat itself or Cooling system components may be a
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