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2003 New Top Question

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Hi all, I hope that I am posting this to the right place! I have been replacing the top on my 2003 vert and have run into a problem. I was able to get the top installed just fine and it looks great. I opted for the EZ-On brand. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out where to put the elastic tie-down cable and the other nylon strap for the re-install. I decided to parse the project into two days and my memory has failed me, in addition, my old top (factory original) did not have this kind of elastic tie down on it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated in advance. I am attaching a picture where I have circled the tie down in question.

Thanks so much!
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Did you contact the vendor/manufacturer of the top? I would assume; their tech support would help. I don't recall; many people here, attempting to install a convertible top themselves! You should make a DIY page for this site; when you are done! :)
I attempted to contact the place that I purchased the top from and they gave me a very snarky reply stating that I needed to take the car to a "licensed shop" that knew what they were doing before I damaged the top and/or frame beyond repair. I know that I have not done so because I got it to fit like a glove... minus these straps.
Looks like that would attach somewhere inside the rear panels to the rear of the flaps (might not have been directly visible with the headliner).
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