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My daughter’s 2003 1.9L TDI automatic New Beetle sat for a couple of weeks here in Florida (winter but maybe only one or two nights below freezing) and now won’t start.
-It cranks just fine.
-Glow plug light comes on briefly when turning on.
-Started with starter fluid.
-The fuel filter barely has any fuel in it.
-No fuel comes from tank to the filter when trying to start the engine.
-We went to check the sender unit fuel pump under the back seat (part 1J0919050 I believe) and there’s diesel puddled around the pump under the cover.
-So it seams the seal is no good (also?)


-I don’t want to order a pump then find out that wasn’t the issue.
-Does this sound like we simply need to replace that unit?
-Are there other issues that fit the description?
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