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New to the forum, I've been lurking as a non member for a while but I decided to join up. I have a 03' VW Beetle 2.0 with an AZJ Engine in Blue. It wasn't taken care of by its previous owner, but I love it and I'm determined to restore it as best I could. I bought a pair of SPEC-D Headlights in black for it however the 3 Pin connector that it comes with does not plug into my 8 Pin (7 pin actual) headlight plug.

I was a bit sad because they look great, the old headlights are not Xenon, they don't have a ballast at the rear of the headlamp assembly as I'm led to believe is one of the signs that is is a HID spec headlight, nor is it most prominent (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong) it does have a motor inside the rear black casing that hides the wires. The old headlight wiring is crumbling and the copper has green residue on it, I would rewire them but the lens is not sealed and is exposed to the elements. These use H1 Bulbs.

I looked at the wiring and saw that it's not that different from the headlights that I bought, and wanted to reuse the 8 PIN male connector with the new headlights by rewiring them. Would this be possible? I've attached pictures of my old headlights and the rear of the new ones.
The only difference with wiring is that there are wires going to the motor (that black box) that makes up the extra Pins. Am I correct in assuming that:

The Brown wires are neutral? (These run through all the Bulbs, High, Low and the Third Bulb) (1 PIN)
The Green wire is the Low Beam + (1 PIN)
The 2nd Greenish Wire is the High Beam + (Its quite stripped so you wont be able to see it properly) (1 PIN)
The Light Blue Wire goes to a third bulb in the headlight assembly (So it would be + as well) (1 PIN)
Which leaves the Yellow Black and another brown wire going to the Motor that make up (3 PINS)
That leaves (1 BLANK PIN)

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The new headlights have these running to the High and Low Beam. The blacks are connected together. So these form the 3 PIN plug.

Low: 1 Blue (Low +) and 1 Black (Neutral)
High: 1 Red (High +) and 1 Black (Neutral)


2 white and 2 black going to the Halo Ring and LED Strip.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my post and possibly offer some guidance. Mods if I've posted this in the wrong place, my apologies.

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I love the look of the spec d lights, I wish they were better made. I am on my third set. yes, you read that right. the plastic doesn't just fog up or turn yellow, it cracks really badly. I have sanded and polished and clear coated them to make them last longer, but they don't look as good as they once did. additionally the pegs and mounting points all break off, and the lights are very difficult to keep in place. Hopefully you have better luck. Maybe if you keep the car in a garage they would hold up better over time.

Wish I could be more help with the wiring, I think what you are suggesting could be done and probably has been done. I bet someone will pop in with the answer in no-time.
Oh no! I'm sorry that happened. I'm a little disappointed now, it may inevitably happen to me as well. I might have to fork out extra in the long run for a pair of OEM lights then. I saw there's a HID conversion kit from regular Halogen to the Xenons made by BOSCH. They're $899 though, a bit on the high side. I'll see how the SPEC-D headlights hold up.

I really hope it can be done, at least for now I'll have working headlamps.
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