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Hello All,

This is my first post here one the New Beetle forum. I want to thank all those that reply in advance for their help and advice.

So my girlfriend has a 2004 NB GLS Convertible with a 2.0L BEV motor. I was getting a Cylinder 3 misfire and lean codes so I went looking for a vacuum leak. When I started looking towards the intake I noticed A LOT of red silicone, I decided to start here and would change the plugs while I was in there.

After getting the intake off I noticed a couple of things. First I swear 16.5 tubes of the stuff had been used. The #3 injector nozzle was half covered in silicone. The oring gaskets, silicone, and a paper gasket were all used. I decided to clean everything up and try to seal it up better. After getting everything removed, I saw why so much was used, the intake is melted and significant sections are missing. I tried my best to seal everything up in a more civilized manner, but to no avail.

Running down the road, she (Roxy) runs great now that shes getting fuel. At an idle, she bucks more than a pissed off rodeo bull. I decided to try and find an intake, but for the life of me, I can not even find a google image of a lower plastic intake. This bugs me mainly because I have been in parts for 15 years, 7 of which have been at a dealership lol.

Does anyone have any insight into where Im looking wrong? I know that the motor has been replaced and am starting to think that it may not be the correct motor in the car. The timing cover does say BEV though.

One other thought. My roommate has another beetle hatchback that has a 2.0l in it, but it is a full metal intake. Might these be interchangable?


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