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2004 NB 2.0L Convertible top issues
Been having issues with this for a while, but now escalated a bit.
For about a yr now, I have not been getting full top down indication, and the flaps that open to let mechanism go into and out of the side panel would not close. Not really a big deal, as it still went up/down.
But approx 2 months ago, it is not showing full up when closed and the indicator light on the top of the windshield shows the top is still en even when latched.
I know there are sensors in the side panel that sense when the top is all the way down and due to their position they get dirty and don't send that down signal correctly. If I could figure out how to get the rear side panels off, I could clean them.
But the bigger issue to me is the non-indication of the top being fully up/closed, as it gives the constant annoying chime/beep whenever moving from a full stop, then the constant flashing and not showing the outside temp.
So, Can anyone tell me
1) how to get the rear side panels out and clean the sensors?
2) Ideas on what may be causing the "not closed/full up" indication?
3) Any fuses/relays related to the ragtop operations an/or sensor indications.
Thanks in advance,
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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