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I had posted this under the 2.0L gas forum and it should logically be here.

2004 NB 2.0L Convertible top issues
Been having issues with this for a while, but now escalated a bit.
For about a yr now, I have not been getting full top down indication, and the flaps that open to let mechanism go into and out of the side panel would not close. Not really a big deal, as it still went up/down.
But approx 2 months ago, it is not showing full up when closed and the indicator light on the top of the windshield shows the top is still en even when latched.
I know there are sensors in the side panel that sense when the top is all the way down and due to their position they get dirty and don't send that down signal correctly. If I could figure out how to get the rear side panels off, I could clean them.
But the bigger issue to me is the non-indication of the top being fully up/closed, as it gives the constant annoying chime/beep whenever moving from a full stop, then the constant flashing and not showing the outside temp.
So, Can anyone tell me
1) How to get the rear side panels out and clean the sensors?
2) Ideas on what may be causing the "not closed/full up" indication?
3) Any fuses/relays related to the ragtop operations an/or sensor indications.
Thanks in advance,

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While I agree that the scan tool would be a huge help, as stated elsewhere, being unemployed, I do not have the funding available at this time to get one. And after $566 put out just to get it running last week, I really don't have the funds to pay a shop with the tool to diagnose the issue.
I was hoping to get some help here from someone who has dealt with this issue on a 2004 convertible.
I do have some additional info from some troubleshooting this afternoon. (finally a sunny afternoon)
1) As indicated earlier, the top indicator light is on constantly when the key is on, running or not.
2) The top up/down switch is not working even after doing the window reset procedure in the owner manual several times.
3) When attempting to open the top, turning and releasing the "top open" handle the windows do not drop the 20mm they are supposed to.
4) Manual opening & closing is no problem with the hydraulics cut off. But it would be nice for it to work right.

The above would seem to indicate that there is in addition to sensor switch for top closed, that there is a fuse and/or relay that is also not working/blown.
I have called service at 3 local dealers, and none of them would even tell me which fuse may be involved, without coming in to have it "serviced" and based on past top issue experience at one dealer would be $350-$500+.
My hope is that someone here may have worked on this issue before and can help with some answers and guidance. I believe part of the top mechanism was changed in the 05 models, and that the 03 & 04 were the only ones that used the same top mechanism.
While having good repair manuals would be a big help, the ones pointed to here in other threads IMO are very user unfriendly as far as actually finding any instructions.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hopefully, the convertible top experts can chime in and give you some advice, on what to do next. On the VW scan tool; you are working with the VW specific proprietary aspects of the car and the computer control modules for the top, this is where the VW trouble codes really shine. Even the cheapest VAG scan tool; could potentially give you a trouble code, that could pinpoint the switch or component, that is causing the problem and really help your troubleshooting, repair process.

Here on amazon; the cheapest VW code readers are around $15-$20. Look at the VAG305/U281 etc.: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_pg_3...keywords=vag+scan+tool&ie=UTF8&qid=1447201267

Live data; shown in VCDS or the cheaper VAG 401 scan tool, would be good to check the status of switches.

To understand; how VCDS and the advanced VW scan tools with live data/"measuring blocks"; help diagnose the convertible top mechanism, check out these videos: "New Beetle Convertible Basic Top Operation RossTechVCDS"

https://www.google.com/webhp?source...spv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=youtube vcds convertible top

VW Beetle (1Y) Roof Electronics


This self study program: can help you understand how the system works and where the switch that commonly fails is located: (switch # F171: page: 30, 33):

Self Study Program #281: New Beetle Cabriolet


Here are a number of threads; about the top problems, some diagnosing the switch failures:


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